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moms and kids toxic free Sep 28, 2022

It happens at every change of seasons…one day it’s hot, then temperatures dip, it gets windy when you least expect it and the day that once started warm, all of a sudden turns cold when you are still running around in a summer dress.

Your little one goes to school in the sunshine, and a sudden after school playdate at the park ends late and has him riding home on the bike tired and cold.

Oh the change of seasons. Always unpredictable. And we almost always lose the game.


But not when we know how to be prepared. When we pack the sweater in our bag - just in case. Because when we bring that big mom bag, we won’t need a thing. But when we don’t bring it, then we need at least 5 items right then and there. Hello Murphy!

But we can also beat this season at its game, when we prevent. When we do all the things before, so that sickness doesn’t even stand a chance of creeping its way in.




One thing we have been doing - almost without fail for the last 7 years, is to rub THIEVES Essential Oil under our feet. It’s the powerful blend of Lemon, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon Bark and Clove (yes, the ones that smells a bit like Christmas).

Why under our feet? Because that’s where it gets absorbed fast into our body and where our nerve endings to the rest of our body are found (aha - now reflexology makes sense!)



For 0 - 3 years old, I recommend just using LEMON Essential Oil . Until 6 months I still diluted it with V6 Vegetable Complex or you can use whatever high grade and organic carrier oil you have…but Lemon is so gentle, that I didn’t dilute it anymore after. CHECK OUT my KIDS DILUTION CHART here.

Above 3 years old , I used Thieves Essential Oil as well. Diluted of course!

Now, there is a big difference as to the quality of the oils. If you want to get your hands on the oils I use, click here . And find out WHY I choose Young Living Oils here

There are also different immunity blends that can be used with Frankincense and Lemon that is great for under the feet and to be rolled along the spine. You can find this recipe and many more in my FREE GUIDE - ESSENTIAL OILS FOR YOUR LITTLE ONES

Lemon Essential Oil infused water first thing in the morning, supplements and our beloved NINGXIA RED are also part of our morning routine.

Oh Ningxia Red - I’ll reserve a whole separate space for this, but if you want to start learning about it, watch this amazing Ningxia Red webinar on it by my mentor Stephanie Hoo of A Gracious Life .



Of course, we can never prevent getting sick 100% of the time. But we can usually catch it early, so that it never gets us completely. OR it can get us out of it in no time. And we thank our strong immunity system for that every day! (Thank you Thieves, Thank you Lemon!). 

I double up on my Ningxia Red on those days, as well as on my Vitamin C intake (Super C from Young Living for us)!

So last week I was feeling a bit under the weather.

Indeed a change of weather - rainy days on the bicycle and honestly I think also just not enough sleep. My immune system was not happy!

I felt it coming on - and as a busy mom the first thought that comes into my mind is: “I don’t have time to be sick”.

The second thought is: “Where is my Inner Defense”? #IYKYK, if you don’t, then these are my trusted capsules I always keep in stock in my fridge, that are comparable to natural antibiotics. Whenever I take them, I wake up the next morning and I am completely fine!

I go to the fridge and I look - EMPTY!

I quickly go online to place a standard order - OUT OF STOCK!

But being surrounded with an amazing and knowledgable community, I soon had these recipes on hand for capsules that would have a similar effect.



Empty Vegetable Capsule filled with either:

5 drops Thieves + 5 drops Peppermint

5 drops Thieves + 5 drops Lemon

5 drops Sacred Frankincense + 5 drops Lemon

Since I am still breastfeeding, I opted for the last combination as I am steering away from Peppermint at the moment, since that can reduce milk supply. I took this 3x a day for 2 days and I am feeling great again. Learn more here if you are pregnant.


I love that we have our medicine cabinet at home, always ready to go! 



My kid has a cough and snot again!

Yup. Unavoidable. Thanks again weather! But also, thank you school germs!

But we also have a way to kick this one to the curb.

When the temperatures start dropping, I rub my MOST FAVOURITE recipe yet onto my little one. Whether he has a runny nose or not - and I feel this way, he doesn’t even get one. And if he does, then I’ll rub the same thing on twice a day.

Rub what? Oh yes - my absolute hands down favourite, most reliable recipe!





It makes for a perfect little playdate gift for Mama friends, too. OR a fun DIY session while kids are playing in the playroom! (And this is how sharing begins…)

I feel empowered and a little bit more in control by having all these tools around me! Autumn / Fall, however you may call it. We are ready for you! And ohhhhh it is my favourite season in Japan! 



I share from my experience and I share what works for me and my family.

I only use Young Living Essential Oils , as I trust them with my eyes closed (and I am part German so I have done a TON of research to make sure I use the best company out there). For internal use, use the oils that are labeled Vitality / +. And as always, if you have a medical condition, please consult your physician beforehand. I am a NAHA Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, but I am not a doctor….


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