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Which Is The Best Essential Oils Company?

home business toxic free Sep 06, 2021
The word “BEST” can really trigger a lot of emotions, debates and controversies in people. The word “BEST” is always open to interpretation.

Think of it as your favourite coffee shop. When asked what your favourite coffee shop in your town is, you are going to have a strong opinion on it, for different reasons. You may base it on location, ambiance, quality of their coffee. Everyone will have their own favourite shop and the criteria differ.

I always say that we have to respect everyone’s decisions.

We have all found our home with Young Living – for our own reasons.
I would love to summarize for you WHY you made the best decision to help some people share the love of our Essentials Oil Company with conviction.

Lavender essential oil

1. Young Living owns their own farms and displays total transparency.

It makes Young Living distinctive because they are not just a broker of Essential Oils. Every other company somewhere in the process essentially has to take somebody else’s word for it. Young Living has a start to finish quality guarantee (aka Seed to Seal), where it never leaves their control.

2. They conduct tests inside the company as well as third party testing.

For other Essential Oil companies, those third parties are sometimes subsidiaries of their own companies and therefore not entirely impartial. Young Living uses labaratories that even support Scotland Yard. AFNOR (French Aromatherapy Quality Standards Group) even started adopting Young Living standards for their own standards, because they were so high. Young Living does 21 different tests in triplicate, 2 times during the process – amazing right?

3. The reason why Young Living does not release testing results on its GC/MC (Gas chromatography/ Mass Spectrometer) results is because other companies would then be able to take their essentials oils and synthetically create other components to create those same peaks and valleys of Young Living Essential Oils. They could then release it to say they have the same quality oils, falsely creating the evidence to make it look like they do.

The bottom line is – you can’t trust every company out there. You need to know the company you are buying from and their integrity.

4. Young Living practices biodynamic farming – resulting in much higher quality crops than certified organic ones.

The certification for organic produce refers to the plants only, but if you botch up the preparation of them, then that goes down the drain as well.
In order to get that organic standard, the soil needs to be untouched for 3 years. Testings have shown though, that although the soil does not have any chemicals inside, the plants grown in those soils there still tested positive for chemicals 5-7 years later.

Young Living practices Biodynamic Farming which means that the land and soil need to be untouched for at least 50 years and preferably even virgin soil. They take into consideration flight routes, natural watering sources (ie glaciers, etc)

USDA certified organic certification is a very expensive process to go through. Even if Young Living said, ok, we better get this sort of certification to ease people’s minds – imagine what the cost implications would be and what it would do to the price tags of the oils.

Young Living supports small farms that are in the truest form of nature practicing real organic farming.

5. Young Living monitors every step of the process that leads to you holding that bottle in your hands.
They monitor what seeds to be planted, the type of seeds planted, type of ground they are planted in and how the plants are taken care of. What’s sprayed on and around them, how plants are harvested, what conditions are used in distillation. They monitor if the Essential Oils meet all the vigorous quality and testing standards, as well as how blends are mixed and bottled and so much more – it’s an entire start to finish process.

The organic standards would only encompass the quality of the starting product, not much beyond that!

Again, other Oil companies will go to the source and buy their products, without actually knowing all these steps along the way.

What are Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils?
The term was coined by D. Gary Young, the founder of Young Living, and then other companies started adopting this.

Let’s take Idaho Balsam Fir for an example. It took Young Living 7 years to be able to determine how to get the most amount of medicinal properties out of Idaho Balsam Fir. The right time of year to distill, which part of the tree to distill, how to prepare this part of the tree for distillation, the correct temperature and length of steam distillation. All of these factors needed to be put in a scientific process to figure out how to get the most amount of essential oils out of that tree. Young Living has a huge breadth of knowledge and a continuous improvement process.

Furthermore, Young Living has been in this business for 25 years and Gary Young was constantly trying to improve techniques. He even climbed inside of a still when it released the steam to see how steam would react inside the steam chamber. He noticed that the dome-shaped lid, which is standard across the entire essential oil business, was causing the steam to circle back down onto the plant. So he patented a cone-shaped lid, which allows the essential oil steam to be able to go straight out of the extraction chamber and into the condensing location. This creates a higher quality oil as well!

Other examples of Young Living’s dedication towards quality and purity...

Melissa oil is a very expensive oil to distill correctly. When a batch of Melissa was distilled, the testing showed that the quality wasn’t as high as it should have been, so Gary Young just poured it out. The entire contents. Other companies may have sold it anyways, but Young Living would never compromise quality.

If you change the distillation temperature of Sandalwood even by only 2 degrees, you lose about a hundred medicinal properties out of this essential oil.

Even for oils like Lemongrass or Cedarwood, Young Living still uses steam distillation facilities – because that is the cleanest way to get essential oils out of a product. Most other companies would not have a cooker for such cheap oils like Lemongrass and Cedarwood, because it would take years to recover those costs.

  • 90% of the oils are derived by steam distillation.
  • About 10% are cold-pressed from the rind or are resin-based oils that use hydro-distillation.
  • Neroli + Jasmine are extracted using food grain alcohol. Any other way of extraction would destroy the essential oil, because the flowers are so fragile.

Other Essential Oil companies pride themselves in saying that “We never run out of stock” – but that’s actually not a good sign. It requires immense forecasting to make sure you never run out. The only way to make sure you NEVER run out is if you “dilute it” or synthetically enhance it to always keep stocks. When Young Living products are out of stock it’s actually a “good sign”, and further proof of their purity, because it naturally takes time to grow the plants, harvest and distill….

6. Young Living is a Network Marketing Company.

And that puts some people off. But let’s look at it for a moment.
People think they are paying more for a product because it is a network marketing company. Or by signing up they think they are obliged to selling and just don’t want to be a part of that.

That is not true, because companies that are putting oils on shelves in stores or the internet are spending a lot of money for marketing. And we all know about green marketing and the crazy things people are led to believe.

Young Living uses its members to spread the love by word of mouth, personal experience and personal education. It’s very empowering. So, essentially Young Living is made up of many small businesses. And they are so generous that with their referral system, members have the ability to earn commissions and in turn use the money to buy their essential oils, toxic free and biodegradable products for free, thus creating a sustainable and healthy life for them and their loved ones. And – they can help others more, pay forward to good causes or even enjoy financial freedom on their own terms. Aren’t these amazing benefits for living this amazing new and toxic-free life?

Young Living not only has Essential Oils, but over 600 products for every single area of your home.

It is a true Lifestyle Company. And I trust them 100%. I have a piece of mind that whatever I get things from them, I know that they are entirely entirely pure and safe – for me AND the planet.

Oh, Young Living is also a GREEN company, on the path for zero waste…but let’s leave that for another post.

So, what is the BEST Essential Oils company? You make that decision for yourself…

“When you are able to maintain your own highest standards of integrity, regardless of what others may do, you are destined for greatness” ~ Napoleon Hill

Join me on this journey!  

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