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Something has been playing in my mind the last couple of weeks. Something that makes me reflect now, reflect on what I am doing, and how I am living. I have always been one to avoid medicine as long as I could and one that favoured natural healing above everything else. When I got pregnant, I knew that it was not only me that I was protecting from the outside world, but a little being growing inside me as well.

I started looking around me, everything I was consuming and putting on my skin and essentially in my body. When did everything start becoming synthetic? Man made? Toxic? When did we stop to use nature to nurture and heal? This is when I started to make bigger changes in my life. I had already stopped all forms of medication and synthetic supplements, but now it was time to switch my body care and home cleaning products as well to create a toxic free home and a toxic free ME, ready to welcome this little being into my life.

I feel good, I feel healthy, I feel connected to the natural ways again, with a clearer conscience. I wanted to start sharing, I wanted to start helping people to feel the way I feel. But then I am faced with questions. Ones that hurt me: "Are you trying to sell these products?". "I am not ready to make the changes, I am not convinced of these products."

And I thought: "No. I am not trying to sell anything. I am trying to free you of the toxins that surround us." And these products? When did people start calling NATURE, a product? When did we stop trusting, or are we just blinded by what society actually sells us. The Pharma industry, the wellness and the beauty industry, they are the ones selling you products. They have become our norm, sadly.

I choose Nature! So this is not a product that we are using - it is NATURE. And I found a company that gracefully bottles nature for us, ready to use. It literally puts the lifeblood of trees, plants, bark, flowers into little bottles so we can use them. They take our work away of standing in our kitchens creating hygiene and cleaning products - they do it for us. They plant, they cultivate, they harvest, they distill, they bottle, they create. The testings that they undergo to ensure we have the purest form available to us are remarkable, and they continue to research, formulate and bring us - NATURE.

I choose Nature! And if you love yourself….join me and choose Nature as well.

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