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When I found out Young Living is rewarding me for sharing my healthy lifestyle with others - I was amazed. It’s something I would have wanted to do anyways - so why not earn some $$ as I do?

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Have you ever wondered if Essential Oils are safe for kids?

The answer is YES! In fact, I use nothing else for my little one, because I want his little body to learn how to heal itself naturally, without the intervention of any synthetic, laboratory made substances. Let me show you some of the things you can do...

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New Year! New You!
Let's go Toxic Free!

What are safer options we can use in our home to keep our families safe from all the hidden toxins out there?

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Toxic Free
Kitchen & Laundry!

We often forget that toxic residue remains on dishes we clean in the kitchen or laundry we wash and wear! Let's ditch them...

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Toxic Free Bathroom
& On the Go!

In the bathroom we often use products with ingredients that are otherwise banned. And we had no idea!

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25 ways to use Thieves Essential Oil!

It's one of our favourite oils, but do you REALLY know all the things you can use it for? Let us show you!

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Delectable Holiday Treats!

Stephanie is in her kitchen to show you how to make yummilicious treats for friends & family this season! 

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Essential Oils to Manage Pains & Injuries

Whatever the nature of pain and injury, the use of aromatherapy have shown to be beneficial to our physical wellbeing. 

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Happy Hormones

Learn about Happy Hormones with Iva Perez. Check it out on YouTube.

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Qigong Class

Join Stephanie Hoo for a 5 Elements and essential oils qigong class here!

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Ätherische Öle! Warum?

Learn about essential oils with Sassy Frohlich (German language)

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NingXia Red

All about the powers of NingXia with Stephanie Hoo.

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Oils & Kids

How to use the Premium Starter Kit for your little ones with Desiree.

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Essential Oils 101

All you need to know about essential oils with Desiree Bonau.

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Children's Health

How to keep your kids NATURALLY healthy

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Oils & Pregnancy

How to best use essential oils during your pregnancy.

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Oils & Emotions

Oils, emotions and frequencies with Desiree Bonau & Iva Perez.

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Join me for a day of toxic-free living!

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Sexy Mama

Natural self-care for Mama with essential oils.

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Empowering Emotions

Tune in to your emotions using essential oils with Desiree Bonau.

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