I hold regular webinars - and we as a community put together events that will have you learning more and having so much fun in creating a toxic-free-lifestyle.  

I hold classes upon request and host workshops online and in person in Kyoto, Japan. There, we can learn in an interactive setting and "make & take" some things as well. Let's get together with oil-infused beverages & cakes and start learning together. 

If you would like me to host a webinar or workshop for you and your friends, please contact me directly.

Look at what we have for you this month!


Cerita & Rahasia Minyak Esensial
(Bahasa Indonesia)
Saturday, 13th November - 7pm JKT | 8pm BALI
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Essential Oils to Manage Pain & Injuries
Tuesday, 16th November - 1pm CET | 7pm JKT | 8pm SGT
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Ätherische Öle! Warum?
Tuesday, 16th November - 8pm CET 
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Happy Hormones
Thursday, 25th November - 1pm CET | 7pm JKT | 8pm SGT 
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Please feel free to share these with your families, friends & colleagues!

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