Hey, I'm Désirée


Thanks for joining me and millions of other people who have made the life changing decision to live an oily (and toxic-free) lifestyle!


Nothing excites me more than sharing with others about how to make the transition to toxic-free living – and how to make it even better!

Here’s a little overview of what I do and who I am. I hope you enjoy your journey and I’d love to hear from you.

If you’d like to reach out to me with questions (or anything else), I reply to all emails and messages personally: [email protected] 

DIY Recipes and Hacks

I love Essential Oils because they truly harness the power of nature. I use Young Living essential oils because of their “Seed to Seal” quality and their ethical practices. We are also blessed that Young Living has 600+ Lifestyle Products ready for us to use. But I also enjoy DIYing some of my own so I can personalize them any which I want (and save some money in the process). 

I also love a good hack! Anything that shortcuts what I want to do in an effective way that won’t compromise quality! After all, as a working mom I need to maximize my time!

Toxic Free Living

Living a toxic-free lifestyle affects all aspects of my family’s life. We eat healthily, we don’t wash our clothes – or ourselves, in chemicals, and I even keep our house ship-shape without using chemicals. You don’t have to do it all at once. Simply finish what you are using, but instead of re-buying it, switch it to a toxic-free solution!.  Our “Switch n Ditch” journey took us about 2 years, and there are still things here and there I need to change.  

Kids Health and Mom Support

One of the main reasons why I embarked on this toxic-free journey is my son!  As a mom it is my priority to keep him healthy. And I want to do that the natural way! And while motherhood does not come without its challenges, I have also turned to solutions that keep our own health (and sanity) in check – so that we can be the best Mama we can for our little ones.

Toxic Free Living

Start a Home Business

From one day to the next I went from career woman to expat wife, following my husband for his career. Then we started a family and all of a sudden my whole identity was changed.  While I love being a mom, I also wanted to regain my independence, create my own success, and chase my own dreams. 

So, I figured out how I can do this from home, literally from any country my husband’s job takes us to and all while staying home to raise our beautiful son. But I did it – and you can too!

If you know this is the direction you want to go in, contact me: [email protected] 

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