Desiree Bonau



  • I am a Metaphysical & Clinical Aromatherapist.
  • I am a Holistic Wellness Guide for families.
  • And I am a Mother.

I created Oily Essentials, an international platform, that brings health and wellness to families across the world with the use of therapeutic grade essential oils, toxic-free lifestyle products, a unique switch & ditch strategy, holistic wellness, and healing techniques.

I also mentor other mothers who would like to start a business from home, while actively raising their little ones and being the gatekeepers of their families’ health.




Languages: English, German, Spanish, Bahasa Indonesia

Favourite Oil: Stress Away – it’s one of the first oils I’ve applied 5 years ago and it’s my daily perfume until today.

Favourite Hack: Putting essential oils through my hair for an all day scent and walking diffuser vibes!

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If you can’t see what you want to know, please reach out to me directly! I reply to all emails and messages personally: [email protected]