Thieves Laundry Hack

hacks household toxic free Sep 06, 2021

I love a good hack!  Anything that shortcuts what I want to do. But also a hack that is cost effective without ever compromising its quality! 

As a working mom I want to maximize my time so that I can:

  •  Spend as much time as I can with my little one
  •  Balance the workload of housework, cooking and working.
  • Still live the Toxic Free Lifestyle in every way possible. 

The Thieves Laundry Soap is so concentrated that you can easily divide it in two to make it last longer. Each bottle gives you 64 loads and with this hack it doubles it to 128 loads, so if you do a load per day like me, one Thieves Laundry Soap bottle will last you for four months. 

Watch here how to make it, boost it and personalize it!


Laundry Time is definitely more enjoyable now – because I know even this contributes to keeping my family healthy!

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