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home business Jul 27, 2022

When you are offering your services and guidance to others, you always have to ask yourself these key questions about USP's (Unique Selling Points):


“Why should they join me?”

“What do we do that is different than everyone else?”


Once you figure that out, don’t be afraid to tell people!


In a world of conscious living where a lot of people are offering seemingly the same thing, it’s important to let others know a few super important points...

- What do you have to offer that may be different? 

- What do you have to offer that may resonate with the person you are talking to?

- What do you have to offer that may be aligned with what they are searching for?


This is what I tell people that I meet:


I’m a mom that is the gatekeeper of her family’s health.

I have used oils all throughout two pregnancies, during birth, the baby and current toddler stage! I know the safety guidelines and the ‘must haves’ that any mommy-to-be needs on this very special journey!

– I know how to get your man to see the oily light, too! (Watch this space for some tips on how to introduce oils to your man)

– I am an expatriate that knows how to navigate with this across different countries! I’ve migrated my account multiple times to the countries we moved to, and there were even times I had to find a solution to get my hands on my beloved products when we were living in a country that didn’t have Young Living yet. And trust me when I say, I have clearly told my husband this is a pre-requisite for our moving decisions now! I ain’t going where I can’t get Young Living products easily!!


I love to share how to use essential oils and all the lifestyle products that are offered in our daily life. I love sharing DIYs, Hacks and how to Switch ’n Ditch. But I also like to do more than that. 


I am a certified Methaphysical & Clinical Aromatherapist– and our community is headed by an Aromatherapy School. We don’t just teach you how to use oils and supplements to stay above the wellness line, but how we can actually support you on your health journey in a clinical method!


We use energy healing, nutrition, and holistic approaches to lead you to a better you!


And I hold hands with friends spread across 20 countries!


Do you want support with essential oils, supplements and toxic-free products to switch to a healthier life? I’ll be here for you!  

Share with others what you have to offer, so they know the value of the community they are joining!

If I would know right from the beginning what I am going to get, I would be so much more confident in saying YES and signing up.

Am I just signing up so I can now get oils & products? Or am I signing up and know that I will get all the support, education and guidance on the journey I am about to embark?

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