What does Collagen do for you?

beauty moms and kids Oct 18, 2022

Once you have kids, the whole world seems to be turning around them.
Every decision we make, every action we take is with them in mind.

We want to make sure they are well. More than well. We want them to thrive. And for that we go to great lengths to purchase the right products, feed them the right food and ensure their health levels are above the norm. 

But when do we do the same for us?

I am not talking about SELF-CARE, because that we have integrated into our routine, right? Those moments we carve out for us, to recharge ourselves with the energy and the love that we need to be the mom, wife, friend, daughter that we want to be.

I am talking about looking at our own wellbeing at a different angle. 

The short sleep, early mornings, dashing around all day all come at a cost - add to that our AGE….(nope, we can’t stop that process) and we are looking at ourselves in the mirror, noticing our sagging lines, the increasing amount of wrinkles, the dullness of our skin AND the acheing knees and the popping hips when you are chasing your little one around at the playground.

It doesn’t have to be that way. I had no idea how much COLLAGEN plays a role in our body. I thought it was a “beauty” thing = a.k.a. nice to have, but not entirely necessary to have.

Instead I discovered it’s a very vital protein that we need to replenish in the years where our body is naturally losing it.



Collagen makes up 25-35% of our body’s protein.
It is a component of skin, muscles, ligament, bones, blood vessels, hair, nail - like the glue that holds everything together.

By 20 - we start losing Collagen every day.
✨By 40 - we would have lost 30%
By 50 - we would have lost 50%       

Totally explains why we witness those physical changes over the years - the appearance changes, wrinkles, sagging, dullness, dryness of skin.

Supplementing with collagen is beneficial for men & women.

BLOOM COLLAGEN contains all beauty elements in one shot:

✨ 10,000mg marine Collagen
✨ 3 Essential Oils
✨ 4 Antioxidants
✨ 5 Micronutrients, Multivitamins and Minerals
✨ Great Absorption Rate

Bloom Collagen has a sustainable & ecofriendly manufacturing process - which is always something I look for in the products I use. 



So, similar to Self-Care, taking care of that physical wellbeing from the inside - as we are getting older - is sometimes not only good to do, but NECESSARY. 

I have been taking Collagen daily for just 19 days now and I already feel my skin hydrating. I can only imagine how I will feel after just 30 days or 60 days or 90 days…..

Do you want to experience it, too? Grab an accountability partner or even better a whole group of friends and do it together. 



Interested in making your own SKINCARE products? Or learn why we should start using Natural Make up? 

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