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Toxic Free Cleaning for Baby Stuff

hacks household moms and kids Sep 20, 2021

There was a time when I felt like I was constantly cleaning after my first son was born. I think it's the same for every new mom. Cleaning goes from being on a schedule to being on call 24/7. It's an adjustment for sure! If it wasn’t my baby’s bum, it's the high chair, the toys, spit up, pacifiers, and the list goes on…. 

As moms, we clean all the time – now imagine if what you were using was not toxic-free. Think about how many fumes and harmful liquids you would be exposed to (even worse, what your baby would be exposed to).

I turn to my trusted all-natural biodegradable cleaning products. Ones that are gentle on my skin, gentle on all the surfaces, yet get rid of all those nasties.

Watch what I do and I would love to find out what works for you as well!

Check it out here...


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