The 80/20 Rule

Jul 20, 2022

It may not be something I invented myself. But it’s most certainly something I have learned to live by.

Now, if you don’t know me I am definitely a girl that if you don’t do it full force, deep dive into it, you may as well not do it at all.

So what was about to unfold was completely natural (well now I know)

I started sharing about this lifestyle I found, the path of natural medicine I chose to travel on, the journey of switching and ditching to achieve a toxic free home. People, and especially moms approached me and asked for advice and I wanted to be a good role model to them.

Did I hide, or just purposely didn’t share about it when I did something a bit different? Of course.

But did I also go out of my way to research, to try and test and try again until I developed a recipe or hack or solution that I was super proud of sharing? You bet!

But it came with a lot of pressure. Pressure to be as toxic free and natural as I can. All. The. Time.

I opted out of my manicures + pedicures (bye bye Self-Care) and walked around with racoon eyes for months, using a natural mascara that they just don’t seem to make in a waterproof version, sigh. I even snapped at my husband for buying his deodorant when he proclaimed to me that my natural deodorant just didn’t work for him. Lecturing him, pulling out stats, google translating the label and showing him the level of harmful ingredients. It wasn’t fun.

But then something happened that snapped me out of this hardcore rhythm. I got sick. Not sick sick. But my severe mastitis, turned into a huge infection that led me to surgery. I refused to take the antibiotics at first, but could not wave them off longer, after they cut into my breast, inserted a tube which lived inside there for over a week, causing me to even ask for repeated doses of painkillers. I seriously wonder why no one warns you of mastitis and the pain it comes with even without the surgery. But I will leave the more elaborate part of this health ordeal I went through for another day.

And then it came. ACCEPTANCE.

Acceptance that medicine was made for a reason. I don’t agree with most of the reasons and the way our generation misuses it these days. But there are some medications and medical treatments that certainly have their place. 

I decided to take the pressure off…..treat our move like a new chapter for the way I live as well.
There are a lot of toxins out there….and we can’t avoid them entirely. So I control what I can control - and that’s at home. 

It’s the power of the 80/20 rule.
Stay on course 80% of the time and leave 20% for what we can’t control - or frankly, for a bit of “grace” for whatever life throws at us. 

You know the birthday parties that may involve some things that are not usually part of our nutritional lifestyle, that trip to the salon to get your nails and eyelashes done (yup, I booked that as soon as we arrived in Tokyo). 

It’s the occasional sushi night where we savour the sashimi and sushi galore (we are plant-based, but what is life when we don’t enjoy Sushi when living in Japan). It’s the saying YES to the bug spray at the playground, when you forgot to pack yours and being eaten alive by the vicious mosquitoes here just isn’t worth it. (Note to self - always have our natural bug repellent in the bag). And it’s putting on the red lipstick on the power days!

The 80/20 rule makes living the toxic-free lifestyle a lot easier and enjoyable!

You don’t have to do it all, but start by ditching a few things in your house, in your diet, in your make up bag.

I would love to guide you on your switch and ditch journey - I’ll make a list with you, I can guide you for the coming months - because NO! It does not happen overnight.

It’s your investment into health. Your kids’ health.

Over the years, I have put together guides that give you recipes for natural solutions, but also explain to you WHY we should say bye bye to our fave foundation, or that shampoo that smells like Heavenly Berries.

Let’s do this together…….and never forget your 20% is your room for a bit of fun - coz life is too short! 


I am overwhelmed - what do I start with?

The first thing to start with is the THIEVES HOUSEHOLD CLEANER. It will literally allow you to ditch your 12 bottles of cleaning solutions under that kitchen sink. Bye bye poison!
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The second thing I would look at is your personal hygiene. Shampoo, Body Washes, Lotions… for those I wouldn’t just throw them out, but rather do the real switch & ditch. Once you run out of your 3-step Skin Care System, instead of purchasing it again, make that switch to one of the amazing Facial Cleansers, Toners and Moisturisers (link to xxx) that Young Living has. There is something for each skin type - plus I can totally teach you on how to personalise it with Essential Oils.

Are you the DIY type, then I’ve got loads of Skincare recipes for you, too!


The third is Health & Wellness Support - that’s how I started. From having my own Medicine Cabinet at home to daily rituals for immunity and emotions - it’s been a game changer in my life. 


To make things easier, I have created a Product Swapping List for you. Click on it to download it and to keep as a reference!


I’ll be by your side!

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