Choose Conscious Water

Water is our most valuable natural resource. It is vital to nourish, hydrate and generate all forms of life.
The human body is made up of over 70% water. Whilst water may appear the same, not all water is created equal.

Learn how one machine can filter and restructure regular tap water into five types of water with over 60 uses.

From Electrolysed Reduced Water rich in hydrogen and antioxidants for drinking to highly alkalised and oxidised waters replacing toxic cleaners and personal products in your home.







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Clean Conscious Living
Discover the benefits of investing in a conscious product that is good for you, good for others and good for the planet


Drink hydrogen-rich, Electrolysed Reduced Water to help reduce oxidative stress to the body.

Our bodies are predominantly water and our skin is our largest organ.
Leverage your own in-home water ioniser creating acidic to alkalised waters used for drinking, bathing, cleaning and so much more.




Join a global community of conscious humans who value holistic health, wellness and sustainability.


Drink the best water on the planet and contribute to a greener, more socially and environmentally aware society.


Plastic bottles take over 400 years to break down so alternatives to bottled water and single use plastics are needed.

Reduce toxic chemicals and bottled products in your home such as cleaning and beauty products.

Contribute to a more conscious and sustainable future by keeping harmful chemicals out of our homes, waterways and oceans.

Kangen Water™ enhances nature's most vital life-source using the latest scientific research and technology, merged with superior Japanese craftsmanship.

Learn more about how you can nourish your body with filtered, Electrolysed Reduced Water, full of rich molecular hydrogen and antioxidants.

Save the planet by reducing single plastic waste and toxic chemicals in your home and our waterways by using alkalised and oxidised waters produced by an Enagic® Ioniser.




Change your water, change your life