Join Desiree Gonzalez & Stephanie Hoo on a 21-Day Ningxia Red Reset!

Did you know that the Ningxia Wolfberry is the most powerful superfood known to man? 

Ningxia Red is a powerhouse drink that:
✨ supports whole-body wellness
✨ supports normal cellular function.
✨ supports normal energy levels & eye health
✨ contains 22 trace elements, 4 major minerals, 19 amino acids
✨ and is rich in antioxidants & d-limonene and so much more!

All you need is to get yourself one box of 30x60ml Ningxia Red sachets or 2 bottles of Ningxia Red and you'll be ready for your Transformation Journey!

Join us for the next Reset starting on 21 April!

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Hi, I’m Désirée


I am a mom of 2, that is passionate about creating a toxic free home and lead my family towards the healthiest lifestyle that I can.

We are conscious of what products we use, food we take in and water we drink! And yes, all 4 of us drink Ningxia Red everyday and we feel better than ever!

As the creator of Oily Essentials and a certified Metaphysical and Clinical Aromatherapist, I help other moms make better choices in their every day lives as well. 


Hi, I’m Stephanie!


I’m the founder of A Gracious Life offering holistic wellness guidance, wellness retreats, and wellbeing programs for global companies.

I love all things related to whole health healing and I'm a certified practitioner in Clinical Aromatherapy, Qigong, Integrative Plant Based Nutrition, and Lifestyle Medicine.

I’ve been drinking Ningxia for more than 10 years now, and the benefits I’ve experienced have been profound. I’m excited to share more with all of you here!