This 3 Module - 4.5 hour course - is designed to help parents make the shift from feeling overwhelmed to being empowered in their journey.

Through our time together, parents will gain deeper insight into their child's development, be able to recognise the milestones their children are going through, and support them using tried & tested Montessori methods, and complementing them with the power of essential oils.

Do you feel that you’re always playing catch up with your child’s development?

Wouldn't it be nice to shift from feeling one step behind to knowing you’re ready to handle what’s next? Do you wonder if your child’s behaviour is ‘normal’ and how you can support them better? Do you wonder if you’re doing enough? 

By following this course, we will help address these questions together with you, helping you design your own manual that works for your family and your children.

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Gain a deeper insight into your child's development


Introduce Montessori techniques into your home

Complement this journey with natural products & Essential Oils.

Essential Oils are pure magic in a bottle!
"I have seen first hand the amazing power of these oils and always continue to be amazed at how powerful and effective they are. I am now more at ease knowing that these oils are of the highest grade and quality and absolutely safe to use around my children. They have truly been life savers - especially with little ones that get sick constantly. All this not only gives me peace of mind but also empowers me knowing that I am also using products that are safe for the environment and are my small contribution to leaving the world a better place for my kids and their kids."

Iva Perez
Mother of 2, living in Singapore

Practical Montessori applications in daily life!
As a parent of a one year old child, I am highly curious about ways I can raise him in a nurturing environment to play and learn. I highly recommend this to any parent who is new to montessori and wants to learn about the practical applications in daily life and who wants to raise their kids in a supportive environment instead of just saying no to everything

Angie Eng
Mother of 1, living in Singapore

We know time is limited when you have little ones!

That's why we have broken this course down into 3 days and 1.5 hours per day! Learn at your own convenience, but with live support from 2 experts in their fields. 

With lifetime access to all videos & materials!

Design your own manual that works for your family and your children. 


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